Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brain Training Update

We are a few weeks into brain training and Tommy has done 4 sessions.  The protocol changed and they will be focusing on the left part of his brain instead of the frontal lobe:

The last 3 sessions his leeds have been lie the photo.  He plays lots of different games using his brain, like skateboarding, boating, and carnival midway games.  I usually go into the room with him, but after looking at the screen I feel oogy, like I've been hypnotized or something!

The drive home is killing me.  We have gotten into bad traffic every single time, averaging about an hour to get home.  It's exhausting for both of us.  Immediately after treatment his tics are pretty bad, but then he falls asleep:

Poor kiddo.  Then he's super cranky for the rest of the night.  Fun times.  We are 4 treatments in and should start to see results at 10-12 treatments. 

Starting next Friday we will start going at 8am.  Tommy is not happy with the time, but on Wednesdays I can take him and then head to the office and Adrian can pick him up.  That way we get it out of the way, and I don't have to fight traffic in the evenings.

Not much of an update, sorry!

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