Monday, January 23, 2012

Random thoughts

I spent the weekend being foiled by fish.  After the drama of the original 5 fish...well, 4 fish died and the last one just up and disappeared...I started the tank over.

New rock, new water, scrubbed the entire tank and plants and stuff down.  Ran the sucker for a week.  I also got a thermometer for the outside of the tank to make sure I wasn't boiling them in there.  Friday we go off to PetSmart for new fish.  Talk to the fish lady a long time, and leave with 3 Tiger Barbs.  She said in 3 weeks we could add other fish but to start with these 3.

Got home, dumped them in, fed them, life is GOOD.  Sunday morning, we flushed 2 of the 3.  Mother Trucker.  BACK to PetSmart where I tell my tale of woe.  Part of the conversation goes like this, AFTER she tests our water and deems it perfect:

FishLady#2:   Do you have your receipt?
Me:  Yes
FL#2:  Do you have the fish?
Me:  The DEAD fish?
FL#2:  Yes, do you have them?
Me:  Why on earth would I still have the dead fish?
FL#2:  Well we can replace them with a receipt and the dead fish.
Me:  Seriously you want me to bring in dead fish carcass?  That's disgusting!
FL#2:  Well most people put them in a ziplock baggie and freeze them to bring in
Me: You want me to put dead fish carcass in my freezer???

Seriously.  I'll buy new fish.  That's just wrong.  So we bought 2 more fish.  As of this morning they all looked pretty good.  Every morning that they are swimming is a huge relief because fishing out those dead suckers is disgusting.  Wish us luck!

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