Monday, February 6, 2012

It's a dark, sad time in the Dater household

Adrian opted not to stay at the jinxed Marriott last night and came home.  I was asleep but vaguely remember hearing some pretty serious swearing coming from him.

I just hope that the below is still intact when I get home from work later:

You may send your condolences to Adrian through this blog!

PS:  A note to Gisele, getting caught on video blasting the receivers isn't a way for your Tommy to have too many friends in the locker room, just sayin'


  1. She feeds into the Brady-is-a-pretty-boy image. Supermodel or not, she keeps putting her foot in her mouth.

  2. So.. since Adrian is doing all he can to avoid the jinx, I believe that the next time there is a Boston team in the playoffs, the entire Dater clan needs to be in Boston. Adrian can come watch the game with my husband and his band of Boston boys, who believe THEY would have coached/caught/played the game better than the pros, and you and I will find a Marriott with a decent bar, and watch the entire experience. I have plenty of wonderful New England babysitters to entertain two Tommys.