Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things that keep me up at night volume 2

Why do they make bathroom stalls where the door opens to the inside? I'll admit, I'm larger than the average gal, however even the skinniest of skinny chicks have to have a problem with this as well.

We were at Tommy's basketball game the other day which is at a middle school. I used the facilities on the way out and literally had to squish myself between the wall and commode to get the door of the stall open when I was done. It was all I could do to get me and my purse out of that stall without major incident. I realize this was a middle school and kids are smaller but don't they have teachers there? Maybe some large teachers. How do they get out?

Same problem at the airport, all the stall doors open to the inside of the stall. What makes it worse is you have to haul your things like carry on bags into the stall with you. Getting you and your baggage out of there is nearly impossible. I usually try for the handicap stall so that I have plenty-o-room. This is problematic in that usually someone who NEEDS that big stall is kept waiting.

So potty designers of the world take note. We are tired of your stall door games. Doors should open to the outside thankyouverymuch.

My other issue is cloth napkins. It never fails that I have on black pants when given a white linen napkin or light colored pants when given a black linen napkin. Either way I usually have napkin remnants on my lap for the rest of the day. There must be some solution to this problem. Miracle napkins? If they can make a perfect brownie pan (that is anything BUT perfect) or knives that never need sharpened, how about some linen napkins that don't shed?

Seems to me that people make things more difficult than need be. That is all.

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