Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We are raising a proud little Democrat

It is not a secret in our house as to which side of the political fence we sit.  Adrian and I talk about politics, watch politics on TV, etc.  Four years ago we sent Tommy to pre-school in a t-shirt that said "Obama Bama Bo Bama" on it, I thought it was awesome.  One of our friends (Russ, that would be you) was not amused.   That's just how we roll.

We don't have a shirt for him for this election, but if he gets one it will be because Tommy wants one, not me airing my political views through my child.

Anyway, the other day we were in the car and the conversation went like this:

T:  Mom, that car has a Romney bumper sticker on it
Me:  Yep, it sure does
T:  I don't like Mitt Romney
Me:  Why not?
T:  Mitt Romney tells lies. 
Me:  Where did you here that:
T:  On the TV.

OK, one, are the politicians now advertising on Disney XD because that's about all he watches, and two, I didn't know he was that observant.

Me:  Well, even though I don't particularly like Mitt Romney you can't believe everything you see on TV.  Those commercials can be deceptive.
T:  Mom!  Romney is a 'publican and 'publicans TELL LIES!

At this point I am not going to argue, the kid would argue over the color of the sky, so I am trying to steer the conversation elsewhere.

T:  Mom!  Did you hear me?  'publicans tell lies.  Brayden says that Obama is a liar and I told him that the 'publicans are liars and we got in an argument about it (Yes, Tia, if you are reading this, Tommy was talking with your Brayden).
Me:  Tommy, it's not appropriate to discuss politics at summer camp.  People lose friends arguing over politics.
T:  But MOM!  Brayden and I argue about everything!

It's going to be a long run-up to the election.  I hope I don't get any calls from angry parents!

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