Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yet another example of age creeping up on me

I went to the Bob Seger concert last night with my friend Karen.  Joe Walsh was the opening act, and for a guy who is 65 years old, he rocked it.  His band was full of sound and I was really surprised at how good he was.  When I come back in my next life, I want to be his middle back up singer because she gets to stand next to a hot hunk of man named Bubba.  *swoon*

During the intermission I was looking around, because I love to people watch, and made a few observations:
  • Aviator frames just aren't for sunglasses.  Or, this gal has had them since the 80's and can't let go of them.
  • The most popular hair color was gray.  At least half of the men were bald, going bald, or had comb overs.  I even saw a comb forward, trust me on this one, it was not pretty.
  • Women still perm the hell out of their hair.  Many of these relics from 1987 have long, permed hair, but their bangs were straight as a board.  Did we really wear our hair like that back then?
  • Handicapped parking was likely at a premium.  Lots of geezers on power scooters.
It's OK for me to make fun, this is pretty much my generation, but I did wonder if I might run into some of my Mom and Dad's friends there ;)

We made some additional observations before Bob came out on stage:
  • We didn't see any trashy women with their boobs hanging out of their shirts, or their asses hanging out of their shorts. 
  • No visible tattoos...Karen said they probably had them, but they were the kind you get in the Navy, anchor on bicep kind of thing with that old blue ink.
  • I didn't see one facial piercing or those weird stretch-your-earlobes-out thingies either.
It's like I fell into a time warp and ended back in 1985!

Bob Seger was just as good as Joe Walsh, and he's going to be 68 next month!  I kept thinking, what if he falls and breaks a hip?  What if he has a heart attack on stage?  All was well though and they put on a great show.  We were laughing at the one back up singer, she was a cross between Maude, Sharon Osborne and Caroline Manzo from RHoNJ.  They were like the Golden Girls, those back up singers!!!

His other band members were oldies too, and the drummer, I was laughing so hard at his hair.  Take a look below:

That is like an afro mullet.  I Googled him  and that curly hair is all natural, no perm:

What a great night, we were thoroughly entertained.  It makes me sad that groups like this won't exist in another few years, and we will be stuck with current acts like Rhianna and Maroon 5.  No thanks.  I'll take the geezers instead!

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