Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This new trend is flat out annoying

I've noticed lately that when I go out shopping, there is usually something in my cart that flags the cashier and they try to sell me a "service plan" or "extended warranty".

It started with the new vacuum I bought a couple of months ago.  Wal-Mart wanted to know if I wanted to buy the "whatever-it's-called" for an additional fee.  This is in case it breaks or something.  If it breaks, I'm going to take it back and ask for a replacement, why should I pay extra for that?  I thought it was weird.  I know they do it for TVs and stuff, but a vacuum?

Fast forward to last week.  Tommy's equipment bag for baseball needed to be replaced.  the zipper had broken and would no longer close.  We went to Dicks and bought a new bag, it was $25.  They asked me if I wanted to purchase the protection policy (all of the stores call it something different) for $5.  Are they joking?  It's a bag that gets thrown around the dugout, gets sunflower seeds spit onto it and holds dirty, smelly gear.  My guess is if it wears out, it is a sign that it's time for a new one.

Over the weekend I bought Tommy a Disney Infinity (video game where you have different character figures) person, it was $13.  Wal-Mart flagged it and did I want to pay $3 for the extra coverage?  REALLY?  On a plastic monster with a computer chip in it's butt?  I think not.

This is really becoming irritating.  Are we buying products that are so shoddily assembled that we now need to pay for extra insurance that the product works and lasts as long as we expect it to?  Higher ticket items like cars and appliances, sure...but NOT a video game character, or a vacuum, or a canvas bag.  I'm outraged!

What's next?  I've come up with some scenarios for you:

You buy a bottle of tequila, do you want to pay $3 extra to make sure you get really drunk?

Pay extra for a gallon of milk so that it doesn't expire before it should?

How about a surcharge on pain reliever?  If you REALLY want that pain to go away, you better pony up another few bucks!

When you get a face-lift you better buy that extended warranty in case your cheeks start to droop.

I'm boycotting all of these service plans and if my crap breaks, I'm taking it back.  End of story.  However; if I could pay a few bucks extra next time I go golfing to guarantee I shoot under 100, I'd be all for that.

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