Monday, December 9, 2013

Observations from the Chemo Center

I'm really supposed to be working but the connection here is so sucky I thought I'd take a break, hope the Boss Lady doesn't mind.  Today is Kicking Cancer's Ass, Round 4.  After round 3 my dad got some really great news that the chemo is working and the cancer numbers are decreasing.  At least now he knows he doesn't feel crappy for nothing.

We got here super early today so we staked out our spot and I nabbed the wobbly TV tray for my office.  That Francie is dedicated.  She was late today and before she even took off her coat she came to make sure we have what we need.  Apparently today is ugly holiday sweater day.

The people here today are more chatty.  A gentleman was getting some treatment today and was talking about how sensitive he is to the cold.  My Dad said something to him about having had that before and this guy tells my dad he only has 3 or 4 months to live.  I can't even imagine.  Some of the people here today won't be around when my dad finishes his treatment a few months down the road.

There is another lady who was here last time.  Before she had this big ass suitcase, I'm talking giant, like you would take on a 2-week trip.  Last time she asked for the shuttle to come pick her up to take her over to the hospital, she didn't have enough energy to make the walk.  You all know me, while feeling really bad for this woman all I could think was "if your suitcase wasn't the size of a house, you could probably make it!".  Today she is here.  She maybe works at Taco Bell, she is wearing a Taco Bell shirt.  They have these nice recliners but she has her legs wrapped up in heating pads on a chair in front of her.  I don't know why she doesn't use the recliner, it would be much more comfy.  I could give these people some advice but with my lack of filter I'm keeping my big mouth shut.

Oh goodness, she just told the other lady that she is homeless.  She stays in a shelter or she stays at a hotel after chemo.  Not that having cancer is bad enough, she freaking has nowhere to live.  No wonder her suitcase is so large.  I want to take her home with me after listening to her talking about her circumstances.

The Fed Ex and UPS delivery guys that come here are quite handsome.

They have rabbit turd ice in the ice machine here.  Like Sonic ice.  I love that kind of ice.  Crunchy.

I did some work, now I'm back.  Dad has a harem here on aisle 2.  The newest entrant must have seen my sister's hair at some point and thought that teal would look nice with her gray hair.  She maybe should have gone to my sister's colorist.  She whipped out this GIANT needlepoint project that's on a frame.  This thing is so huge that her arms are totally extended out in front of her to work on it.  You know me and my picture taking...totally not appropriate here.  :(  This teal haired lady, she is the happiest cancer patient ever.  She's over there just smiling for no reason and she's had lots of phone calls.  Happy Happy.

Another lady just joined the harem...I'll assess the situation and report back...

Dad got a visitor and then we left so I have nothing to report on the new lady.  There was a lot more activity today and his treatments are getting shorter, but after observing some the the people today, it really makes me thankful for my health, and I even re-evaluated my crappy "I hate the holidays attitude" for a few minutes.

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  1. Perhaps I need to send Sara's card with you to give to the teal haired lady. And may I point out that I at least have the sense to put my blue/purple with black rather than keeping it with gray?!?!