Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I now truly understand the meaning of the phrase "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"

For the past couple of years I have been making an annual trip in the Spring to Vegas with Joan and Kristel.  The first year Lori went as well and the 4 of us had a fabulous time.  Something seems to always happen that just makes the trip.

That first year we were drinking at the bar in the Flamingo casino and met some very young college boys.  Somehow by the end of the night I ended up with a booty text from one of those young men.  THAT is the moment that pretty much defined that trip.

Earlier this year we went and sadly Lori couldn't join us, so it was the three of us.  We found part of a latex glove in the bottom of our pile of nachos...hence our term "latex nachos".   Since there were three of us we had a roll away bed that we nicknamed the snapping taco.  Both things were mentioned several times over this past weekend when we converged upon Sin City once again.

When Kristel and Jim decided to elope to Vegas I was thrilled to be one of the very very few people who knew about it.

Here is how our trips start out.  I arrive hours before Joan so I can play black jack.  Generally I am a leetle bit tipsy and have several of strings of mardi gras beads around my neck.  I did not disappoint.  Joan and I checked in and had lunch and wandered around a bit.

We met up with Kristel and Joan at Margaritaville which is a traditional stop for us.  Jim, whom we met for the first time on Saturday, didn't miss a beat.  He ordered up some non-latex nachos and off we went from there! 

Joan and I decided that since Jim didn't have any guys along for the wedding the three ladies took him to a strip club for a bachelor party.  Because my husband thinks I'm going to get fired because of some of the things I write in my blog, I'll just leave it at that. 

On Saturday, the newbie cab driver that got lost driving me from the airport to the hotel, picked us up at the outlets.  What are the chances of THAT?  Nine zillion cabbies in Vegas and I get the newbie with the map and GPS twice in two days!!!!

On Monday while waiting for Jim & Kristel to come downstairs for the limo, my celebrity crush, Anderson Cooper walked by.  From that point on we were on a mission.  After a beautiful wedding we pretty much tracked AC down at his broadcast booth where Kristel and Jim got warm wishes, a kiss and a handshake, from AC himself.  *swoon*

We had a fabulous dinner at Craftsteak, where apparently people willingly pay over $100 for steak.  Really?  A slab of meat?  I could buy half of a Coach for that!!!  It was delish and Kristel had always wanted to eat there, so it was perfect.

So this year's recurring topics:  strippers and Anderson Cooper.  I'm not sure we can top that next year!!!

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