Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today's blog is brought to you by Lake Avenue Inn

Thursday night is my night out with the girls.  "The Girls" are a group of women from the salon I frequent, and there just so happens to be a bar next door.  Now, this isn't the type of bar you would think a bunch of salon workers would frequent, but it's convenient, so that's where we go.  Here are some pictures of some of the other people who go to Lake Avenue Inn:

Yes, these gents really ARE wearing overalls

I really have no words for this guy

One night, some guys rode their horses over, tied them to the big tree across the street, and strolled in for some drinks.  The cook, Butch (yep, didn't make that up either), makes a mean spaghetti and meatballs, or pretty much anything Italian, so there is another draw to the place.  So now you have an idea of my Thursday night hang-out.

Every Thursday the ladies gather, and we stroll in with our high heels, designer purses, big hair, and proceed to hash out the previous week or whatever else is on our minds.  Topics have included:

Boy Scouts--There are some ladies who drop their daughters off at Girl Scouts and swing by the bar to have some drinks while their girls learn how to walk old ladies across the street.  One night after being a leetle bit over-served, I proceeded to announce to the entire place that I won't let Tommy be in the Boy Scouts because they disparage "The Gays".  I went on and on about how some old white den leader (no offense to my scout friends Eric, Russ, etc.) is more likely to do damage to your son than a gay man.  Blah blah blah.  These chicks are looking at me like, WTF, as I went on and on about "The Gays".  Come to find out, these chicks are a couple.  The one with the mullet should have tipped me off, but my gaydar sucks.

Spouses--We get a lot of mileage out of this topic.  My spouse doesn't love that I go to Happy Hour.  He thinks there is something nefarious going on, like that's where I meet up with my secret boyfriend or something.  Obviously he's never been to this place, because the NRA guys aren't my style.  One night, the stalker Ex of one of the ladies showed up and I had already gone home.  DAMN the People Hater would have loved to have gotten involved in THAT. 

Kids--The group's kids range from Tommy, who is 7, to adults with kids of their own.  This is where I pick up some of my best parenting advice.  The one thing I have learned is that as soon as Tommy's out of college he is off our payroll other wise he may drain us into bankruptcy. 

Gossip--Hanging out with a bunch of salon gals always provides tons of fodder.  I don't know why but so many of those people (not ALL!!!) are just drama.  There used to be this guy who was always at the bar, named Paul.  He was known to buy the ladies a round if he was there.  Well, he got involved with one of the salon chicks, and she literally bled the man dry, and then moved out of town with her hair extensions, puffed up lips and new wardrobe.  So ladies, if you are reading this, you better not miss a Thursday or we'll talk about you!! 

That hour and a half I spend on Thursday nights with the girls is something I really look forward to each week.  We laugh, we cry, and we support each other.  I kind of feel like we are that group of women from Steel Magnolia's and I'm Weezy!

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