Monday, October 24, 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to publically apologize to my parents

When Marne and I were growing up we wanted a dog.  We swore we would take care of it, clean up after it, etc.  So after enough convincing on our part *ahem* we got a puppy named Mazie.  All the promises we made lasted about, oh, a week.  Mazie soon became our Dad's dog.  He fed her, took her to the groomer, cleaned up the yard after her.  Pretty much we shirked all responsibility of caring for the dog.  We just loved her.

I bring this up because the boys in my house wanted to get another pet.  Tommy's friend, Jack, recently got a guinea pig.  I should rephrase that to say that Jack's mom, Susan, got a guinea pig.  She takes care of it, cuts up it's food, etc.  Jack does help out cleaning the cage and such, but pretty much Astro belongs to Susan.  Adrian thought Tommy should have a guinea pig.  Because I have seen what happened at Jack's house, I put my foot down.  I take care of the dog, and I fully admit she is MY dog, but I'm not taking on another pet.

Tommy and Adrian came home with a fish aquarium.  When I got home it was in pieces on his bedroom floor.  Here's how the conversation went:

Me:  I told you I am not in charge of this project.  Why is the tank in pieces?
Adrian:  Because!  It's a mess, I can't figure it out!!
Me:  It amazes me that you are a writer by trade, yet you cannot follow directions.
Adrian:  It's too confusing, they make it too hard!

Ugh.  So the next morning Tommy asked me if I would put it together (and who can resist that little cutie?) so I told him I would work on it later.  I asked why Daddy didn't put it together...his response, and I quote:

"Daddy was reading the directions and then he yelled My Eyes! and threw it all down on the floor".

Basically they bought a tank and some rocks.  In the process of putting it together I realize you need something special for the water, which they didn't buy.  Also, they didn't buy anything fun like plants or rocks for the bottom of the tank.  So Friday after school Tommy and I head back to the pet store to get such items.  We get it home, put everything in place, and we are ready for fish in 24 hours.

Saturday, back to the pet store for fish.  Fish are picked out (Irving, Max and Jimmy), yay....but wait, we need other goo for the water.  OK, got that.  Oh wait, we need food for the that, and it REEKS!    Oh wait, do we know how to clean the tank?  Of course we don't, so we get the hose water sucker outer thingy.  Ca-ching, more money spent.  Here is the finished product.

Jimmy is the striped one, the black one is Irving, and Max is usually hiding somewhere, he's shy.

I very pointedly show Adrian the tank cleaner and tell him I'll figure it out, but HE is responsible for the weekly cleaning of the tank.  I can see it now, Ginger Boy is going to get a glazed look on his face, say he can't do it, and you know who will be responsible for cleaning that tank.

Pretty much this is another payback from my childhood.  Sorry Dad, but I'm getting mine now with the fish pooper scooper.  Just like I bred my own little bathroom inspector.  What karma lies in wait for me next?

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