Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm pretty sure my husband's car is out to get me

I have had nothing but trouble with that car since the day it arrived.  I took a day off of work to take delivery of that car.  From this point on I will refer to the car as Black Widow, or BW for short.

The guy off loaded BW into the street and parked her kind of crooked.  After he drove away with his load of cars, I tried to put BW into the driveway, but it would not start.  Turns out, it was out of gas.  I was nice and went to the gas station, bought some gas, put it in the car, and pulled it into the driveway.  Later that day Adrian discovers it has no dashboard, none of the gauges are working. 

So while he was out of town I dropped BW off at the shop and went to pick her up a few days later.  But the place was CLOSED, in the middle of the day!  My friend Susan had to take me to get Tommy at school and drop us off at home, only to head back up there an hour or so later to get the car.

Those were just minor things, right?  Well, I have been pretty vocal that BW is going to get pulled over because the windows are tinted too dark for Colorado law, and there is nowhere on the front of the car for a license plate, also a Colorado law.  Well, BW is pissed at me for talking smack about her.

Friday night as the three of us are going to dinner, I get inside the car and RRRIIIIPPPP something tore in my lower back.  I literally could not get out of the car.  Adrian had to help me out and up to the bed, where I have been the most of the weekend.  This morning we ventured out for some breakfast and as I walked past BW in the garage, I swear, she snickered at me as I hobbled by.

Adrian leaves for a road trip tomorrow and he's taking Christine, I mean, Black Widow, to the airport.  I get a few days of reprieve from Adrian's killer car.  In the meantime, feel free to bring over any pain killers you may have squandered away, I can put them to good use!

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