Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday...Observations and other thoughts

Last year was the first time I did the whole Black Friday at Midnight thing.  A couple of years earlier I went to Walmart at 5AM but that was only because our furnace was out and I thought it might be warmer there than at home.  Yeah, decided never to do THAT again. 

Last year my nieces, Lexi and Ally, along with my friend Leslie, went out for Black Friday.  First we went to the movie and then to Target at midnight.  It was fun and we got stuff we needed and everyone was in good spirits--none of that pushing and shoving you see on TV.

This year I didn't have much to get, but the girls wanted to go again so we formulated a plan.  Walmart at 8pm, the Twilight movie, then the mall at midnight.  My sister, Marne, decided to go too, but only 'cuz she wanted to see the movie.  She really had no desire for the shopping.

I wish I had taken a camera to capture the look of HORROR on Marne's face at Walmart.  It was pretty crazy, crime scene tape everywhere--not because of crime, but to keep the shoppers all in line for whatever it was they were after.  You want the TV?  Go hang out on the frozen food aisle.  Oh, you want the iPad...you head over to the dog food aisle.  You get the idea.  I was after DVD's...they were in the deli by the bacon and bologna.  Ran into my cousin's wife there, I had never met her before so that was nice.  My cousin was in the TV line...

Cruised out of Walmart, went to the movie.  We were early for the movie.  I was starving.  Seriously, McDonalds would have made a fortune if they had been open.  Walked past PF Changs and Red Robin...no luck.  All closed.  We guzzled down some energy drinks and a pizza before the movie started, and then had some diet coke and popcorn.  My poor stomach.  The movie was good, glad that series is over.  On to the mall...

The line at Old Navy...OMG...I took the girls one time to Old Navy for $1 flip flops.  We waited in line so long I needed a hair cut and was a year older by the time we left.  The Black Friday line...it was WORSE.  We turned around and left.

Here is the sad part about my BF shopping.  I bought hairspray, it was half off.  I bought a new shirt, for myself, it was on sale.  I bought room deodorizer at Bath and Body, it was on sale.  I bought one small gift, otherwise everything else was stuff I would normally buy because I need it, but cheaper.  Really?  How lame is THAT?  And on top of that, there were a zillion people just hanging out, standing around.  NOT shopping.  Why were they there?  I think I saw more teenagers than anything, don't we have a curfew here?  They are just loitering around, drinking Starbucks (it was open but had a line clear out the door!!!)...so weird.

Oh, and the line for Victoria's Secret?  Horrendously long...people waiting for all eternity to buy a bra that likely cost $85.  No. Thank. You.  Hollister, or one of those teeny bopper stores, had the shirtless dudes at the entrance, but there were so many people I couldn't even get my Cougar on.

We were out of there and I was home in bed by 230.  I'll probably do it next year, if the girls are up for it.  At least I get to cross a movie off of my list each year!

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