Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boot Camp...or...What the F!@#$%^!!! was I thinking...

So yeah, two blogs in one day. However I wrote the Black Friday blog over the weekend and forgot to post it.  The way I figure it, I might die in the night so I had better post this now.

So, my cousin Jim's wife Tanya has this really hot brother. I've never met the brother, heck, I just met Tanya at Walmart on Black Friday, but somehow he convinced me to do this 16 day weight loss challenge which includes Boot Camp.

Here is Kody and his equally hot significant other, Nikki (never met her either).

Kind of creepy that I post a total stranger's nearly nekkid picture, but I want you to see my motivation.  OK, so I go to boot camp.  Major Pain, aka Jarred (or Jarrod, we didn't discuss the spelling of his name) starts in with all of this cardio.

Hells bells people.  I could feel all my fatty areas jiggling around, I'm floundering around gasping for breath, my face is the color of my hot pink shirt...my heart rate monitor is flashing *WARNING WARNING DIAL 911* and I'm pretty sure smoke was coming out of it.  (Disclaimer:  It DID say low battery at the beginning...but still).

I made it through about 75% of it, flopping around like a dying fish, I could taste blood in my throat, I kept drinking water which was a big mistake because then as I'm flopping and jiggling about it's sloshing all around.  I honestly thought I was going to barf.  Major Pain asked me a couple of times if I was OK...I wasn't.  I was by the back door because of course I was HOT and I thought, I could escape, I could run right on outta here if only I had my keys...

Then we start running in the hall.  Running.  I only run if there is a fire, otherwise if I need to get somewhere fast I drive.  Running is a hazard to my health.  The friction between my thighs will likely catch my undies on fire, so I avoid it whenever possible.  In addition to the running there were squats involved.  My legs felt like jello, I couldn't do it.  Major Pain took pity on me and didn't point out my weaknesses...thank you, Major Pain!

Then more floundering around, something called burpees (which kind of made me feel like I was going to pee myself)...anyway, you get the picture.  Finally it was over.  I crawled over to my stuff, glanced at my heart rate monitor and was shocked to see I had burned 600 calories.  In one hour.  Holy Meatballs, People!

On the way home I easily could have been considered a DUI candidate.  I felt like I was swerving all over the road, my legs hurt and I couldn't feel my foot on the gas pedal...pulled into the garage and GOD BLESS MY HUSBAND the smell of spaghetti was wafting out of the house and to hell with no carbs...I ate some and it was delicious.

Boot Camp is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Yeah, I'll not be able to attend on Thursday (Adrian is working, yadda yadda yadda) but I just might be back next Tuesday for another round. 

PS:  Does anyone know where/how I get a new battery for my Polar Heart Rate Monitor?  If I die after these classes, I want proof of how many calories I burned before!!

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