Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Boot Camp...I'm sure you are shocked, but I did go back

I survived last week.  I hobbled around like an old lady and I was REALLY happy about the handicap rail in the bathroom.  When you drink as much water as I do, you spend a lot of time in there.  Up down up down...almost like boot camp!

Thursday came around and there was no way in Hell I was going to make it.  Literally I would roll over in the night, wake up in agony, and then lay there trying to fall back asleep.  I barely made it to work...I groaned every time I got up for my desk, my coworkers were quite entertained.

It was about Saturday I could walk upright again so I started looking forward to this week and Tuesday night's boot camp.

I think several of the regulars were surprised to see me back, they probably had side bets on whether the crazy blond would ever show her red, sweaty face there again.  Ha!  Proved them wrong!  The gym was in use for something at the school so Major Pain set up stations around the place for us.

Major Pain likes things that include jumping.  Lunge jumps, squat jumps, frog jumps, star jumps, the dreaded burpee's (Bur-PEE, get it?)...a side story...

A friend of mine, who I will not name...OK I MIGHT be related to her...she can't jump on a trampoline without having to pee.  Before I ever had kids I thought it was funny and thought this was a rare occurrence.  I have since learned that it's not, but I always laughed because I didn't have a baby out of my hoo haw, the stork left mine on my doorstep.  Anyway...somehow, all this jumping around is now a problem for ME.  I asked Major Pain if he had a wife, yes he does, do you have any kids?  Do you make HER jump around like this?  Serious, this is not pretty and I actually had to make a run for the potty at one point.  Not cool.  I'll never make fun of my babies-out-of-their-hoo-haw friends again.

Because we had to keep moving around we didn't work as hard as Tuesday.  I only burned four hundred some calories, I only threw up in my mouth a little bit once, and I am not coughing out my lungs like last week.  I'm taking this as a positive sign that I just might make it to Thursday night.  I'm down 4 pounds and I'm motivated.  So...bring on the Advil, and while you are at it, throw in a box of Depends too, I'm gonna need them.

Oh, and if any of my Westminster, Northglenn, Broomfield, Thornton, Brighton friends are looking for some ass kicking, Major Pain sells a punch card and you can go when you want.  Let me know if you want to tag along sometime!

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