Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have somewhat of a commute each day. About 45 minutes each way, so I'm in the car six or more hours each week. Over the past 20 years I have witnessed some crazy stuff. Let's see:

The creepy guy BRUSHING HIS TEETH behind the wheel. Gross on so many levels, where is he spitting?

People shaving. Once a guy with a razor and recently a guy using a cordless shaver.

Not long ago there was a story about a woman who got pulled over for doing some, um, personal grooming whilst driving down the interstate. Lady, either take care of your business before you leave the house, or save it for later! Gross!

Last week there was a woman clipping her fingernails at the stop light. Her window was down, but she was not throwing her clippings out. I shudder at the thought of what the floor of her car looks like. Ewww.

Once the Interstate was pretty backed up and a guy was reading a book while driving. Yep. READING. I can't sing and drive at the same time, let alone read and drive.

One of the women at work apparently applies her make-up each day on her way into the office. There is a ginormous bucket of makeup in her front seat. Now, she lives near me so she takes the highway and apparently applies her mascara, etc. You would think she looks like the bride of Frankenstein with eyeliner on her forehead and such, but she actually looks great every day. Not sure how she does it.

I recently came across the video below. Honestly. This takes the cake.
Way beyond texting and driving!

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