Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Generally I am known as the People Hater

Today I am Heidi Dater Mother-EFFING-Garage-Door-HATER. Seriously, how can one household device be such the bane of my existence?

It all started when the batteries went dead so I replaced them. Then only one opener could be programmed to open the door, and the keypad wouldn't program. Naturally, being the Handy Mandy in our household, I kept the programmed remote for myself, leaving Adrian to push the button and run to hop the sensor every time he left the house.

So the new circuit board arrived and I installed it myself. It was only 9,000 degrees in the garage last night and I was sweating bullets. Got the board on there, was reconnecting these stupid wires that kept breaking. Took for focking ever. Finally got it all set, programmed my remote and SUCCESS! Attached it to the visor in my car woo hoo! Adrian's remote? Not-so-much. Can't get it programmed. Mother Trucker. Got the keypad programmed, I'll take two out of three. Saved $100 visit from the garage door guy.

Fast forward to this morning. Go to leave. My opener is GONE. Poof. Into thin air. Or the juvenile delinquents who stole my flamingos also helped themselves to my garage door opener. FOCK. So I drop off the kiddo, go back to the house, erase all the codes, bolt all the doors. They got my flamingos, they aren't getting anything else from me!

So I am back to square one. Oh, and did I mention when I left the first time I went to close the door with the keypad, and it didn't work??????? What's that garage door guy's number again?


  1. Sorry...but I am LMAO at your expense. Hope you get it working soon!

  2. I am thrilled with you new blog. Adrian is one of my favorite writers and now we'll get to hear the other side of the story ;)