Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I could have sworn I gave birth to a BOY

But this morning you could have fooled me. We are having some very cool weather here in Colorado and Tommy actually needed to wear pants to school today. Nana and Papa bought him some school clothes, including some new jeans. If you know my child, you know he is a toothpick. He's about a size 6 in the waist and a 10 in length so it's quite challenging to buy him long pants. My mom found some Shaun White Skinny Jeans that actually fit and bought him 3 pairs. I got them out today for him to wear. The conversation went like this:

Mom: Put on those pants. I adjusted the waist, if you need help, come find me

Here he comes and they are around his thighs. I apparently made them too tight, so I fixed them.

Tommy: These are too loose, I don't like them, they are falling down!

I tightened them again.

Tommy: I hate these pants, my underwear shows in the back.

Mom: Your shirt is long and covers the back, your underwear don't show.

Tommy: Kids will see my underwear and make fun of me!!!

Mom: No one is going to see your underwear, calm down.

Tommy: They are too loose, they are too tight, wah wah wah

Mom: They are too loose AND too tight? Explain yourself!

Tommy: They are too loose in the back and the legs are too tight I COULDN'T BEND OVER TO PUT MY SOCKS ON!!! I HATE THESE PANTS!!! NANA SHOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT THEM!!!! I want to wear my old pants!!!

Mom: Your old pants are too short, you can't wear them.


Um...yeah, because THAT will eliminate the "waiting for a flood look".

Finally with some coaxing, coercion and flat out bribery, I got him to school. This afternoon when I picked him up he said "these pants feel good, Nana doesn't need to take the other pairs back".

Oh my goodness...I should count my lucky stars that he's NOT a girl!

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