Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Second grade homework might be the end of me

Now that we are a couple of weeks into the school year, homework has started to become part of our nightly routine. Apparently the actual word "homework" has become debatable in our house:

Me: Do you have homework?

Tommy: No. But I have to finish a writing sheet that I didn't get done at school.

Me: OK, so you DO have homework.

Tommy: It's NOT HOMEWORK! It's a paper I didn't finish at school.

Me: Well, you brought WORK HOME to do, so it's HOMEWORK.

Tommy: No it's NOT!

I felt like we were having a "who's on first" conversation. I now phrase my questions differently:

Me: Tommy, did you bring any kind of work home from school that needs finished before tomorrow?

Tommy: Yes, but it's NOT homework!

Yesterday he brought home actual homework. Every week there is a packet for spelling and he has to learn the words, how to spell them and he has to write them in sentences.

I'm a little concerned. Last year one of his words was big and he wanted to write "My mommy has a big butt". I told him that wasn't appropriate, can you imagine? So far this year the words have been pretty innocent, but if he comes home with Vodka or Hookah on his spelling list I am screwed.

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