Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A fun time in New Hampshire

Spent fun time with Grammy and Grandpa Mike. Grandpa taught Tommy how to be a mind reader and Grammy spoiled Tommy rotten with all of his favorite foods. When he told her he likes fried broccoli (tempura) she made it for him. Then last night at eleven o'clock he was trolling around for a snack and said he wanted "tempura" lol

He got to spend Adam with Aunt Steph and Uncle Cam and said he can't wait to see them again in May when they visit Colorado. Their dog Baxter found someone to dominate and Cam and Steph spent the day pulling him off Tommy's leg. Tommy calls that "hugging". Ha ha!

Chrissy came on Monday and Tommy got to spend some fun time with her too they went bowling and to the arcade and lots of tickling.

This was a great trip and we are so lucky that his aunts took time from their busy lives to come visit us in NH it is so fun watching Tommy grow his relationships with them, I'm just sorry Adrian wasn't here to see it.

So we leave today for Vermont where Barbie meets the wilderness. I'm a city girl so traipsing through the mud gathering sap for syrup is going to be a challenge for me, but Tommy will love it

Here are a few pictures from Grammy's house:

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