Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sugaring Part 1

It's been so warm in Vermont we didn't think we would be gathering sap and making syrup from start to finish.

We headed out with a few buckets and taps. Grandma kept telling me I was going to get cold. Apparently Capri pants and Mary Jane shoes aren't appropriate. Yeah. She was right. After getting a bunch of dirt in my shoes I went back for long pants and more appropriate footwear. Style doesn't count when tapping trees.

The sap was running so we got more buckets, etc. and got Tommy behind the wheel of the tractor (with Grandpa's guidance) and headed down the road.

We had to pull down some sap buckets that Grandpa had placed a week ago or so. Blech. They were filled with sap but it was frozen and also had some bugs and other floaty things so they got dumped out. I went to dump one and literally gagged as it was brown and disgusting and full of who knows what.

We retapped the trees and hung clean buckets and replaced the lids. By tomorrow or Thursday we should have enough for the next step of the process. Below are some pictures from today.

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