Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Women, join me and let's fight back for our rights!

There has been a lot of bull crap in the news lately.  First there was this photo:

A group of MEN testifying on Capitol Hill regarding Birth Control benefits.  Wrong on so many levels, the number one being that they can't focking get pregnant.  Since when do MEN qualify as experts and make decisions for US regarding our health?

This leads me to Sandra Fluke, who should be the hero of women across the country.  Contrary to what many believe, she did not go to Capitol Hill to state that she was having so much sex she should be paid for it.  If you have ANY doubt about what she said, please click here http://current.com/1mhv4kc for the transcript.

I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner, but I have a solution.  Since somehow a bunch of old, white men have been put in charge of making decisions for us it is time for us to strike back.  How you ask? 


Honestly, if we can't get birth control covered by insurance or at least at a reasonable cost, this is the only solution.  Doesn't the right teach abstinence?  Let's everybody abstain!

The conservatives don't want to fund Planned Parenthood, another organization that provides health care services and screenings for women.  OK conservatives, no more sex for you, we are going to abstain!

All of my friends on the left are thinking, well MY man feels the same way as me, why should I hold back?  I'll tell you why.  Because if we ALL stop giving it up, men are going to get pissed.  They are going to get angry. 

Can you imagine what life would be like?   Men are going to go crazy, they can't live without sex, at least that's what they tell us.  Crime will increase, alcoholism will increase, drug use will increase, these men aren't going to know what to do with their blue balls.  They are going to go crazy, and then they are going to get smart.

They are going to help us be heard on Capitol Hill because they will be so incensed that they will write their congressMAN and their senators.  They will demand that women be given access to birth control, they will demand that Planned Parenthood be funded, they will demand that Roe V Wade be left alone, they will demand that women be once again treated like equals.  They will demand that women and women only be allowed to testify on Capitol Hill when it comes to our women's health care.

Until that happens the only people getting any will be the gay and lesbian community.  Can you imagine how incensed the right will be when the only happy, getting it on a regular basis, people are the *GASP* gays and lesbians?  That alone might light a fire under their feet.

Once our needs are met and women are once again treated respectfully, and given the right to speak on our own behalf, then HAVE AT IT!  Give your man whatever he wants.  Shower him with affection, thank him for speaking up for you and woman kind. 

So come on sister-friends, band together and get celibate!

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